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Book now available at all leading book stores in Singapore such as Popular, Borders, MPH, Kinokuniya, Times Book Store etc.
Maximise Your Memory Power

Proven And Powerful Memory Management Techniques To Improve Your Efficiency And Productivity

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INSTANT MEMORY IMPROVEMENT - A Comprehensive Book On Memory Techniques & Exercises For Remembering Anything

Best-selling Book (Non-fiction) at Popular Book Stores, Singapore
  • Unleash the power of your brain
  • Learn the Memory Mantras and apply them to see amazing results instantly
  • Maximize your memory with powerful memory techniques
  • Remember names, speeches, numbers, facts, formulae, vocabulary, instructions, The Periodic Table & more
  • Make your memory work on Auto-Pilot with the 30 Day Action Plan
Board Game

My Memory Genie™
The Memory Boosting Board Game
  • A board game for everyone in your family (ages 5 to adult).
  • Boost Memory Concentration Observation
  • Whole Brain Stimulation
  • Easy, Interactive & Challenging Game
  • 200 Mind-Bending Patterns To Test Your Memory
  • 3 Different Games
  • Play With Friends & Family
  • Unlimited Fun
  • Created By Guinness Record Holder In Memory

Consists of :
1 Game Board, 50 Memory Genie™ Cards, 2 Wild Wow! Cards, 12 (x2) Memory Visual Cards , 1 Dice, 1 Sand Timer



50 Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power

This book is a collection of 50 exercises which will engage your brain both in a logical and creative manner. 

The exercises will give your brain a good workout. Several of the exercises require you to use logic and your analytical power and several others test your creative and imaginative skills.



52 Study Tips To Achieve Better Grades

This is a 'calendar type' book with 52 powerful study tips for every week of the year. Useful for all students (Primary school to University)


Audio CD

11 Easy Ways To Become A Top Student
  • Learn the importance of Mental Warm-Up before every study session
  • How to speed-revise your notes before exams
  • Simple technique to improve your concentration
  • How to control worry and stress
  • Manage your time effectively
  • How to maintain interest in your studies
  • Actions steps for all techniques to gain maximum advantage
  • And many more

Audio CD

11 Easy Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset, Manage Time Effectively and Remember Things Easily
  • Power of Setting Goals
  • How to develop a positive mental attitude
  • Use the power of affirmations to boost your success
  • Learn how to prioritise your study tasks
  • Create a Time Strategy
  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques to improve your memory
  • Actions steps for all techniques to gain maximum advantage
  • And many more

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