For MOE students - Primary (Pri 5 to Pri 6) and Secondary (Sec 1 to Sec 5)
For International School Students (Grade 5 to 10)


Who Else Wants Their Children To Excel In Their Exams And Have Fun While Studying?

This could be the most important information you might read regarding your child's performance in studies.

From The Desk Of Nishant Kasibhatla
Guinness Record Holder (2011) &
The Only Grand Master of Memory In Singapore

Dear Parent,

How many times do you remind your child to "Study" everyday, every week, every month? If it is more than a dozen times, that's OK. That's what many parents do. But the question is, after reminding them and 'warning' them to study, what's the outcome? Does it really work? Does your child study without your reminders?
Is Your Child Facing These Problems?
  • Don't have an organized system of studying
  • Constant reminders from parents (that's YOU) to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY
  • Exam related fears, anxiety & nervousness
  • Unable to concentrate even for a short period of time
  • Inability in remembering answers, formulae, scientific terminology etc.
  • Constant association of stress/pain with studying
  • Lack of immediate results
I know how it feels as a parent. Most students don't study inspite of 'million times' of reminding them to study. And did you ever wonder why? If you are really a concerned parent, read on. You will find not only the answer for the above question, but you might learn some powerful information, that can change your child's life forever...for good!

And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars!

"I Scored 8 A1’s"

I felt that the course increased my concentration levels and sharpened my thinking. It taught me how to memorise wordy texts with ease and without much effort and pressure. One of the techniques, the Ultimate System, was rather thought provoking and was able to expand out my vocabulary repertoire. The study habits taught me how to study smart and the memory techniques made remembering and retaining information easier. This course is an excellent way to unleash one's potential as a student because memorising is now made easy yet intriguing.
Lee Cheng-Shaun, Anglo Chinese School (I)

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What Stops Your Child From Studying?
(The Secret)

I am glad you asked the question. Its because your child doesn't know "how to study". In the absence of this vital information of "how to study", how do you expect them to read, learn, study?

It's like asking your child to swim and push them into the water. And you never thought of asking yourself "does my child know how to swim".

For swimming, there is a method. A system.
For playing Tennis, there is a system.
For driving a car, there is a system.

And for learning, there is a system!

Tremendously Improved Mindset And Results

I was amazed by the unique and highly effective memory techniques imparted by Nishant to unleash my son's memory power to the fullest potential.

The program has certainly made a significant impact on my son's learning journey.

Mr. Daniel Liu, Father of Liu Hon Jin, Rulang Primary School
If Top Students Can Do It,
Your Child Can Do It Too

Think about it. Only a few students (and these are the top students) actually know the methods and strategies of learning, studying and memorizing.

I have interviewed many top students and was surprised that most of them have similar habits when it comes to to studying, time-management, discipline, commitment etc. If few students can use certain 'habits' to become the top students, even your child too can use the same habits and he/she too can become a top student.

Stood 1st Among All 122 Students 

On observation, my son has used the techniques effectively. He gained from attending your program. He is now motivated! His improvement has shown and demonstrated that he has benefited from this program.

The Edusave Scholarship he received has paid back the course fee he attended. His achievement as top level student of Siglap Secondary School is commendable.

Toon Eng, Father of Daryl Chian, Siglap Secondary School
Why Am I telling You All This?

Because I know the method. I know "how to study". And I have taught it to thousands of students in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Hongkong. After using my methods, many of these students topped their schools. And most importantly. I can teach your child too!

And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am a memory expert. I am a Guinness Record Holder in memory and I am the ONLY Grand Master of Memory in Singapore. I have spent 13 years in the field of training. In all these years, I have trained thousands of people from all walks of life in improving their memory.

In 2003, I was awarded the Grand Master of Memory title by Tony Buzan (inventor of Mind-Mapping) at The World Memory Championships. FYI, there are less than 50 Grand Masters in the entire world. I am proud and happy to be a Grand Master.

I have conducted my training to students, schools, organisations all over the world. I am also the author of a book - Instant Memory Improvement which has become one of the best-selling titles (non-fiction) at Popular Stores in Singapore!

                                                          master of
Receiving Grand Master of Memory Medal from Tony Buzan
International Master of Memory Certificate
Instant Memory Improvement Book written by Nishant.
So, How Can You (And Your Child) Benefit?

I conduct my popular Super Memory & Study Skills Workshop. It is a 16 hrs workshop (usually conducted as a 2 full day workshop). I conduct this workshop in Singapore (if you are residing outside Singapore, just contact me and I will tell you how I can conduct this workshop in your country. I have conducted my workshops in 13 countries so far).

Give Your Child The Gift Of
"Making Learning Fun & Easy"

When I ask parents, what is the best gift they have given their children, they say "Hand-held video game", "Music player" or "Mobile Phone with smart features". Though they are gifts, none of them can be called as "The Best Gift".

The best gift you can give your child is the gift of "Making Learning Fun & Easy". And my workshop teaches your child how to make learning easy and fun. This is a very intensive workshop (16 hours) which addresses all major problems faced by students. As you can see from the name of this workshop, there will be equal focus on STUDY SKILLS and MEMORY TECHNIQUES.

I think the techniques are very useful. They enable me to concentrate & get the most out of every study sessions. I plan to follow through all the study plans & action plans.
 - Xu Zhuo’er, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls

I think that the program is very good as it helps me to manage my time on all my subjects. I tried some of it & it really helped me to understand what the teacher is teaching & I am confident that I will pass my subjects in the coming examinations.
 - Ang Swee Ting Joween, Hougang Sec
OK.What Does My Child
Learn In Your Workshop?

Workshop Highlights

Introduction to proven memory systems
Achievements of a trained memory demo
Memory Systems & Learning Strategies

Learn to use a variety of proven techniques to memorize:
Answers with subheadings
Scientific terminology
Vocabulary & even foreign languages

Learn to think & act like a top student
Tips & Tricks from top students
Secrets to change your attitude towards studies

Exercises for enhancing mental faculties such as concentration, observation, imagination & creativity
30-day "Super-Charge Your Memory & Grades" action plan

Brain warm-up exercises
Techniques to put you in a study mood effortlessly

Techniques of registering information
Step-by-step scientific approach to studying

Learn what, when & how to revise
Transfer short-term memory to long-term memory

Understanding reasons for lack of concentration
Unique techniques to boost concentration levels

Study Session Planning
Prioritization of study tasks

I like the way you taught the lessons & how you made the lessons enjoyable & it will help to improve on my study habits. The study & memory techniques are helping me to enjoy my lessons & my life.
 - Anisha Balakrishnan, Cedar Primary

The techniques taught by Mr. Nishant were fun & very relevant to real life, thus making his lessons easier to understand. The tactics were fun to learn & useful.
 - Milvin Lim, Red Swastika

I like the unique memory technique & its relevance to studies .
 - Rachel Wang, Nanyang Girls High
Looks Great! What Else Does
My Child Learn In Your Workshop?

Workshop Contents Outline

Bullet-tick Understanding the study traps of students

Bullet-tick Learn the concept of Top Students
Bullet-tick Do you know the reasons why you forget?
Bullet-tick Know about your 2 brains!
Bullet-tick Unleash the Power of Right Brain
Bullet-tick Learn the 3 secrets of super memory
Bullet-tick Learn the 4 tools to create impact
Bullet-tick Learn The Reminder Principle and how to benefit from it
Bullet-tick How to use the power of linking to glue together any number of bits of data
Bullet-tick Learn the 7 Study Habits of Top Students
Bullet-tick Mange your time effectively
Bullet-tick Build tremendous level of confidence in yourself and in your studies
Bullet-tick Transfer information from Short-term memory to Long-term memory
Bullet-tick Retain what you studied for as long as you want
Bullet-tick Maintain discipline in studies
Bullet-tick Prioritize your study tasks for maximum efficiency
Bullet-tick Have a ‘cool mind’ and eliminate your study-related stress
Learn a 2000-year-old super memory technique (I have used this technique to create many memory records!)
Bullet-tick Memorize points of an answer, speeches, lists of words (even 50, 100 or more!), ideas,  facts in Geography…etc
Bullet-tick Learn the importance of goals
Bullet-tick Take massive advantage of setting ‘study goals’
Bullet-tick Know how to effectively deal with study overload and pressure
Bullet-tick Learn why cramming doesn’t help most of the times
Bullet-tick Learn how to make sure you comprehend whatever you read, every time
Bullet-tick Learn ways to making best use of learning time
Bullet-tick Learn powerful techniques to achieve razor-sharp concentration
Bullet-tick Learn the ultimate way to memorize any number (of any length)
Bullet-tick Learn a super technique to memorize abstract words (like scientific terms)
Bullet-tick Learn how to exercise both sides of your brain by using  mind-blowing games
Bullet-tick Know what makes your mind wander so easily? Learn ways to have a ‘mental warm-up’ before each study session
Bullet-tickMemorize 20, 40, 50 digit numbers, Dates & events, inventions & inventors, countries & capitals, Periodic Table, constants & values,  vocabulary, foreign language vocabulary, scientific terminology, Botanical & zoological names
Bullet-tick Learn how to be interested in studies
Bullet-tick Learn a super-simple, yet very effective way to memorize bits of data
Bullet-tick How to eliminate fear of exams forever
Bullet-tick Learn powerful strategies and tips to perform well in exams
Bullet-tick Memorize formulae, equations, facts, definitions, correct spellings of frequently misspelled words
Bullet-tick Learn to use our 30-day plan to super-charge your memory & grades


I think that it is relaxing &  it’s enjoyable.  I think that it will benefit me in my studies as I can apply what I. It will help me to memorize better using the techniques.
 - Lim Miaw Ching, Manjusri Sec

I feel that the program is very good. It helps me to manage my time well in studying. It helps me to memorize the keywords easier. I will use all the techniques like memorize the important information.
 - Sham Geng Yun, Hougang Secondary School
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Hey..Wait..But..What About

Other Companies Offering Similar Workshops?
I am glad you asked this question. Otherwise, how would I have told you that my workshop is way..way..way..way...way....way better than others.

Here's how we are different from the rest:

#1 - Focus on Memory Techniques And Study Techniques
We don't focus on too much motivation. OR too much information. We have a balance between motivation and information.
If there is too much information and too less of motivation, you will not see much change in your child.
If there is too much of motivation and too less information, your child be a motivated fool! No parent wants that.

#2 - Training conducted by Grand Master of Memory (that's me)
Many other workshops are taught by some Tom, Dick and Harry who sometimes are not even graduates or not appropriately qualified. The workshop trainers are mere employees of the organisation. You can judge for yourself their level of commitment. 

#3 - My workshop is just 16 hrs
Our workshop is intensive. I have more than 100 GB of information in my hard disk which I can teach your child over 10 Sundays (or even 100 Sundays). I don't do that. I just choose what your child needs. So, your child needs to attend 2 Sundays. Short and sweet. But, isn't that the way it should be? Hey, we want to make learning fun and easy. Not boring.

#4 - Small class size (upto a max of 15 students in a class)
Yes, I can put 100 students in a class and charge thousands from each one of them and with that money, I can take 6 months of vacation in Switzerland.  As a parent, you know how important 'individual attention' is. Every student is given attention in my class.

#5 - At the end of the workshop, we say "See you again" not "Good-bye".
After the workshop, you child can re-attend my workshop (yes, the whole 2 days) by paying just $50. This offer is valid only for one year from the date of attending the workshop. We understand that your child might need a "re-charging session". How's that for a good service? No other company does that! Even if they did, I doubt if students go! Who would want to drain their energy by going to boring lessons by other companies?

#6 - Email support (for 2 months)
We understand that every child's needs are different. There can't be one solution for all. So, if your child needs specific questions to be answered, they can send their emails to a special email provided to them. And I will answer their questions. Just like you, we hate automated replies like "Thanks for your email. We will get back to you soon" and nothing happens after that.

#7 - Teaching Methodology Using Accelerated Learning Techniques
I am an expert on memory. I know many ways in which information can be easily stored. My training doesn't involve long and boring lectures (yaawnnn...). I use accelerated learning techniques to enhance the effectiveness of learning and increase the pace of learning. Your child will love it!

It is very useful in my studies because I can study and review my notes with more concentration and I can memorize my formulae better.
 - Juay Zhen Yu, Cedar Primary School

I love all the memory Techniques especially The Ultimate System. The program helped me to manage my time and also be more focused on my studies. I will follow The Ultimate Study Plan.
 - Nerice Aw Wei Zhi, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School

I liked participating in all the activities and learning new techniques. The techniques help me to concentrate better while reading my text books.
 - Shevani, St Margaret's Primary School.
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Nishant, Can You
Answer My Questions?

Q - Can my child sit for 8 long hrs at a stretch? I am a little doubtful.
A - I know your concern. You are right, your child (or anyone) can't 'sit' for 8 long hours. As mentioned, we use Accelerated Learning Techniques. Your child will not just sit! He/she needs to move in our workshop. There will be activities and exercises in the workshop which makes it very interesting for the students to learn and understand the techniques. Many parents are surprised that their children are eager to go to the Day-2 of the workshop (after one full day of training).

Q - Can I (parent) accompany my child and sit in the class?
A - No. This is done to ensure your child's success. We have observed that many students have some kind of hesitation to talk in front of their parents. In our workshops, we want our students to talk and participate in the workshop. Any hesitation of any kind will reduce the impact of the training.

Q - My child is shy. How do you ensure he/she participates in the class?

A - The very nature of our teaching methodology eliminates any shyness your child may have. On the other hand, he/she will be excited to participate in the activities. This training also improves the self-esteem of your child. The training will substantially help your child to come out of shyness. But, please understand that 'eliminating shyness' is not an objective of our training. It could very well be one of the bonuses your child might enjoy.

Q - Will there be course material?
A - We provide a Workbook to each student. We believe in workbooks and not in course material. I can print a 100 page material and give it to your child. And he/she will put it in a shelf which will come face-to-face with you only when you are moving your house after few years. There's no fun in reading lines and lines of text. In our workshop, we encourage the students to write in their workbook. 

Q - How soon will I see a difference in my child?
A - In Day 1 itself! We teach your child specific techniques which he/can use immediately. The very first time they use it, they will see a great result. At the end of the workshop, we give all students a 30-day Action Plan. This plan has changed (and continues to change) many students' lives . At the end of the 30-day plan, your child will see a tremendous improvement in the following areas:
Better time-management
More interest towards studies
Positive thinking towards studies
Better concentration
Long term retention of information

Q - Do you teach MindMapping?
A - No

Q - I have heard a lot about your memory demonstrations. When can we see it?
A - You can see it now. Here itself. Watch the video below.
This is a video interview by South China Morning Post, HongKong.

If you want to watch Nishant's feature on Discovery Channel, you can see that here:

Q - What is the eligibility of the students for your workshop?
A - Students in Primary 5 & Primary 6 and all Secondary Students (Sec 1 to Sec 4).

Q - Will there be separate classes for Primary and Secondary Students?
A - No. All students sit in the same class. Since I use Accelerated Learning methods, it doesn't matter if we have students of different levels. Each student will be working on his/her problems / challenges. Also, since the class size is small, I can pay individual attention. In group exercises, I will pair/group your child with students of their age group.

Q - As a parent, what can I do ensure my child benefits the maximum from your workshop?
A - You really are a great parent for asking this question. Just make sure your child executes the 30-Day Action Plan. This plan will make sure everything will be taken care of.

Q - I have a question which is not mentioned here. What to do?
A - We love questions. More importantly we love answering all questions, whether they are from students or parents. Send an email or call our office and ask all your questions. We will answer them. See the contact information at the bottom of this webpage.

Q - What is the training fee?
A - It is just $1,197 per participant. Yes, you really don't have to spend thousands of dollars. You know how much you spend on tuitions for each subject. Don't you? Compared to those tuitions, this is a much better investment. The skills which your child learn at our workshop are life-time skills.


For MOE students - Primary (Pri 5 to Pri 6) and Secondary (Sec 1 to Sec 5)
For International School Students (Grade 5 to 10)

CALL Ms. Rakhi: +65 - 6402 2310  | +65 - 8233 9474



13-14 June 2015
Two-day workshop

10.00 am to 06.00 pm

Lion Building Block D Level 5
16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road
(1 minute walk from MacPherson MRT)


Per Participant
(Pri 5 to Sec 4 ONLY)

Fee inclusive of:
 - Workbook
 - Lunch (McDonald's)
 - Refreshments
 + Awesome support!
1. Pay By Cheque:
Write the cheque in favour of “Memory Vision Pte Ltd” and send it to:
Memory Vision Pte Ltd, 14 Robinson Rd #13-00
Far East Finance Building (S) 048545
(On the back of the cheque, please write the student's name and class and your mobile no. and email)


2. Pay By Credit Card
Visa / Master / AMEX / Paypal
($100% secure SSL payment processing through PayPal)

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